Our Values.

Timeless aesthetics.

Seasonless. Minimal. Elegant. Essential. Brilliantly designed twisted basics that move beyond the brims of size and gender. These are the core principles infused in every Parthenis collection that organically merges into the next one. The brand’s iconic yet everyday pieces are an ode to athletic chic with a bohemian, relaxed feel. Conceived in the mind of Dimitris Parthenis, who founded the premium clothing brand in the seventies, the elegant Greek aesthetics of Parthenis have evolved organically, only to remain current, under his daughter Orsalia’s artistic direction. Perceived as the contemporary translation of simple elegance with an essential attitude, the Parthenis look is both timeless and ever relevant.

Quality & Craftsmanship.

Our clothes, towels and accessories lean on exceptional craftsmanship and impeccable quality. They are built well, therefore they are built to last. From the designing table to the final product, every detail is considered, tested, reevaluated and refined until we reach the optimal fabric, fit and finish. Design, prototypes production and fabric handling take place in our headquarters in Athens. Here, a team of experienced artisans and tailors oversees production with a watchful eye and a caring approach, making sure our time honored techniques passed down through decades of experience are applied daily, in every piece of wearable art that leaves our hands. Small workshops in Athens complete the sewing process, crafting the finest quality garments almost exclusively for Parthenis. Their passion, attention to detail and deep understanding of the latest technologies, is always met with a devotion to the brand values, since almost all have been with us for over 25 years.

Fine & Pure Materials.

Natural, flowing fibers that follow the body and allow the skin to breathe, luxurious materials that respect the Parthenis minimalist approach through impeccable quality, all sustainably sourced and ethically processed. Cotton is the essence of the Parthenis heritage. Along with natural and sustainable fabrics like linen, wool and silk, they incarnate our wardrobe staples that are worn and loved for many years, gradually creating a timeless essential collection. We are committed to sourcing the highest quality fabrics from Greece but also from all over the world, solely from certified suppliers we have known for years. However, we are always on the lookout for new trends and ideas in line with our brand values and current environmental concerns Our bespoke materials are created exclusively for Parthenis in local knitting mills.  Design characteristics which have been part of the brand since the 70’s include the highest quality mother-of-pearl buttons, decorative overlock stitching and satin henleys, preserved not only for their adorning purpose, but also as quality staples which contribute both to the longevity of the garment’s life and their inherent luxury.


Less is more. This is the idea that dictates our every move, built into every decision we make – from maintaining our basics collection for almost 50 years now, to our longstanding approach to sustainability. Disciplined in our choices, respectful of our resources, diligent about our impact, and mindful of our footprint on the environment, we make sure:

  • Our materials are certified and naturally sourced
  • Fabric waste is almost zero: Through cutting and production we use our resources in the most optimum way. Any excess fabric is recycled to create new clothes or accessories.
  • Rags are collected and used to make the hugging pillows we donate, in collaboration with a non-profit organization, to women recovering from breast cancer,
  • Our packaging for both the physical stores and our e-shop is made from certified recycled, biodegradable paper.
  • We provide repair services whenever your Parthenis garment needs mending, regardless of its purchase date.
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